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Sports Day

Sports Days

Our sports days will take place during the week of 17 June. The children are always very excited about sports days, not just to participate in the events but to have their parents attend to watch them. We want the       children to be the focus of the event and for it to be enjoyable for them.  The Parent Code of Conduct has been sent out on Class Dojo, please remind yourself of the behaviour that we expect from parents when attending any school events.  If you send your child to Aintree Davenhill then this means that you agree to support our policies and procedures. You may sometimes wonder why some of our procedures are necessary but please know that first and foremost they are in place to keep the children safe. 

For the safety of all of our children, it is important that parents don’t take any photographs or film the    children when attending the events.

We would love to see you at our sports days so we can celebrate the children having fun! Let’s hope we get good weather!

If we are unable to hold a sports day due to bad weather, we will need to wait until all the other sports day events have been held to see whether it is possible to rearrange the event. We are a large school so it is often difficult at the end of the school year to find space in the calendar to find a suitable time, especially if a     number of the events could not be held. We will try our very best and will keep you informed.