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Mission Statement

Mission Statement and Aims of the School


Our school motto at Aintree Davenhill is ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’. We will provide opportunities for the children to achieve excellence through the enjoyment of their learning.


We aim to provide a caring and stimulating environment where high expectations, effective teaching and challenge, raise self-esteem and allow every child to achieve their full learning potential.


School Aims


At Aintree Davenhill, pupils, staff, parents and governors work in a partnership in which everyone’s contribution is valued. It is our aim that by the end of their primary education each child will be a confident and independent learner. Each child will be prepared for the next phase of their education by having a love of learning which will equip them for life.


We consider the following values to be very important in our school and aim to foster them through both the formal and informal curriculum:

  • respect, consideration and concern for others
  • acceptance of difference
  • good manners
  • co-operation and trust in each other
  • perseverance and achievement
  • self-esteem and self-discipline
  • enjoyment of learning and teaching
  • independence