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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


Aintree Davenhill Primary School participates in the Anti-Bulling Ambassadors programme which is part of the charity, The Diana Award.


Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors play a key role in promoting our school values and aims which are outlined below:


  • respect, consideration and concern for others

  • acceptance of difference

  • good manners

  • co-operation and trust in each other

  • perseverance and achievement

  • self-esteem and self-discipline

  • enjoyment of learning and teaching

  • independence


We recognise that sometimes children can be unkind to each other and in some rare cases this can lead to bullying. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme provides our children with the opportunity to work together to raise awareness and offer support to combat bullying.


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (ABAs) help educate their peers on bullying, lead on anti-bullying campaigns, promote a culture which celebrates and tolerates difference and help keep their peers safe both online and offline.


Our ABAs meet regularly (at least half-termly) to discuss ways in which to promote the programme and share ideas about how to offer support to the children who may require it.





To be one of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors pupils MUST:


  • Be passionate and committed about stopping bullying in our school

  • Know what bullying is and what type of behaviour is and isn’t bullying

  • Work with their peers and staff to stop bullying in our school

  • Be kind, empathetic, a good listener and support their peers

  • Help to run events in our school to raise awareness of bullying and promote kindness

  • Celebrate the things that make you and others special and unique

  • Keep everyone up to date with all of the brilliant Anti-Bullying work that the school does


The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors worked hard to create this fantastic display to promote their messages about bullying behaviour and how it won't be tolerated in our school.


A Kids Book About Racism by Jelani Memory.mp4

Still image for this video
Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors shared this story during their assembly about Racism.