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School Open Monday 13/11/2023

We have some great news to share with you… We will be back open on Monday (13.11.23) at 8:45am (or 8:00am if your child attends Breakfast Club).

The fire started in the ceiling void above the KS2 girls’ toilets. Repair work has been completed to ensure that it is safe for the children to return to school but all of the work to repair the damage isn’t finished. This means that the KS2 toilets will be out of use for a short time. We have made arrangements to ensure that all of our KS2 children will have access to toilets on their return to school.

I am so grateful to the staff at school who have worked so hard to ensure that the children have had access to online learning over the last two days. Thank you too, to those staff who have come into school to ensure that the repair work was quickly organised and we are able to open on Monday.
Thank you to all of you once again for your concern and messages of support – we have really appreciated it!

Parents’ Evening
We have rescheduled Parents’ Evening but it will be in a slightly different format in order to ensure that the meetings take place outside of the school day.

We will be holding two sessions: Monday 20 November and Wednesday 22 November – the meetings will start at 3:30pm.

You will receive a letter about this on Monday. Please return your reply slip to school as soon as possible so that teachers can arrange new times for meetings.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

Miss Clay