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Children will be given every opportunity to study, care for, develop and enjoy their local environment. On the school site this will mean exploring the environment, physical activities outdoors, learning about the plants and creatures in the school environment, planning new areas and developing the grounds. Children will have many opportunities to study in local key areas such as our beaches, woodlands, rivers and canal-side. Our building, with its many sustainable features, give us an unrivalled opportunity to model sustainable practices. Through focusing on sustainability in the curriculum we can promote and understanding of environmental issues and help children and their families make informed choices which will improve the quality of their lives, without compromising the quality of life for future generations. The curriculum team, led by Mrs Ward manage the development of environmental studies in the curriculum.


Mrs Clare runs the school Eco- Club with the Eco Council discussing environmental issues and ways to make our school more Eco- friendly. Mr Kurran, Miss Harley and Mrs Clare run a gardening club.