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At Aintree Davenhill, we aim to meet the high expectations of the national curriculum, whilst ensuring that we are providing a broad, balanced and enjoyable school curriculum. We seek to cover all aspects of the curriculum thoroughly using excellent teaching practices to promote a love of learning in a range of subject areas. Some subjects may be taught through a thematic approach. Whilst others may be taught in a blocked unit of lessons at a particular point during a half term.

At Aintree Davenhill, we want all children to ultimately know more and remember more. As a school, we have worked hard to ensure our curriculum is clear and progressive with explicit links across topics, subjects and year groups. Teachers endeavour to make regular and effective use of review and retrieval activities across units of work to ensure knowledge is embedded and understood.

We utilise our wide range of on-site facilities and grounds to compliment our learning across the curriculum. In addition to this, we make use of educational visits, workshops and welcome visitors to school to help extend our children’s learning in a variety of curriculum areas.

Our children are given the opportunity to celebrate their learning in class assemblies and work with their partner classes to share their learning with each other. We encourage the support of parents by sharing our curriculum overviews at the start of each year at our Meet the teacher conferences. Our yearly overviews are available to view on this page. Parents also get the opportunity to understand and participate in their children’s learning journeys in school through homework projects, class assemblies, visits to the class to celebrate achievements and the opportunity to see children’s work throughout the school year. 

Each curriculum area has its own subject lead who monitors progress regularly throughout the year in different ways to ensure their area of the curriculum is being delivered consistently and effectively across school. Our curriculum lead is Mr Agar.