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One of the Ofsted Inspectors commented that Aintree Davenhill’s curriculum

‘is aspirational – that learning is fun and children can achieve.’


We intend to meet the high expectations of the new national Curriculum whilst ensuring that this continues to be achieved through providing a broad, balanced and exciting school curriculum. In planning for the new national curriculum we considered the strengths of the school and the areas we feel best support what we want for our children. We try to deliver most curriculum subjects through themes and usually launch a new theme in a way to capture children’s interest. We have three key drivers for our curriculum which may be a focus in all or some of our themes - Community, Environment and Enterprise.


Community - children learn to work together, to develop as a school community, to have respect for and knowledge of their local community, to understand children’s rights and responsibilities and to develop an empathy for other communities, faiths and religions. Our School Council take their roles seriously and are proud to have a voice and opinions on school issues and events.


Environment – children will be given every opportunity to study, care for, develop and enjoy their local environment. On the school site this will mean exploring the environment, physical activities outdoors, learning about the plants and creatures in the school environment, planning new areas and developing the grounds. Children will have many opportunities to study in local key areas such as our beaches, woodlands, rivers and canal-side.


Enterprise – the school is proud of our Enterprise achievements having been awarded the National Standard for Enterprise Education. The children get many opportunities to develop enterprise skills and self confidence through group work, planning together and the practical application of key skills.


We like to celebrate the work done in our themed curriculum with school visits, themed days and special events. Parents get the opportunity to understand the work being done in school through homework projects, class assemblies, visits to the class to celebrate achievements and the opportunity to see children’s work. 

If you want to find out more about the curriculum at Aintree Davenhill please contact the school office.