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Welcome to Nursery!

We are the Nursery children! We are all 3 and 4 years old and we like to learn by play and interaction with adults and other children. We like to be outside running, climbing, digging and making dens. We also like to learn in a “hands on” way inside too! We learn lots of social skills, rules and routines during our time in nursery.

Staff working in Nursery

Miss Parker

Mrs. Ozcan

Miss Godfrey

Miss Swanepoel



Class library books.


Parental Involvement

Stay and play sessions are usually held during Summer term.


​P.E. Days

P.E. days are subject to change. Please make sure your child always has their kit in school. Kits will be sent home at half term for a wash!


Topics covered in Nursery


Autumn Term

How do I get about?

What happened to Jack's beans?


Spring Term

What makes a sound?

Who are the famous animals in my books?


Summer Term

How do things move?

How many nursery rhymes do I know?



Windmill Farm.