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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 


Year 6 is a really important year in our school because we are in our final year before going on to high school. We know that if we want to do our best and achieve our potential, having the right attitude is so important! In Year 6, we enjoy the responsibility of helping other teachers and children around our school.


Staff working in our year group


Miss Siveyer – teacher

Mrs Clarke - teacher

Miss Clay – teacher

Mrs Brown - teaching assistant

Mr Hardwick- teaching assistant

Mrs Hardwick - teaching assistant

Mrs Hudson - welfare assistant

Mrs Mannix - welfare assistant

Miss Chapman - volunteer

Topics covered in Y6

Autumn Term

What was Britain's role during WWII?

What makes a river rage?


Spring Term

What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?


Summer Term

Where would you find a mountain?



Year 6 Expectations

Parental Involvement


In Year 6 we welcome the support of parents both at home and in school. At home it would be great if you could help with homework, learning times tables and reading. We would love for you to join us on school trips and special events.


Homework Timetable



Maths (Mental – to be handed in on Wednesday)



Spellings (to be tested on the following Tuesday)



Maths (Written Calculations – to be handed in on Friday)

Science (to be handed in on Monday)



Maths (Word Problems – to be handed in on Monday)

Literacy (to be handed in on Monday)


Every Night



Autumn Term

Stockport Air raid Shelters

River Alt


Summer Term

PGL Residential


River Alt Trip

Air Raid Shelters