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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 


We look forward to teaching your children this year. We have got some interesting topics planned for them and exciting trips to go on.  This is an important year and we will be working hard to ensure that your child has a happy and productive year!

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Staff working Year 2


Mrs Davies – teacher

Miss Stones - teacher

Miss Clay - teacher

Mr Hutchinson - teacher

Mrs Bentley- teaching assistant

Mrs Hay – teaching assistant

Mrs Cairns - teaching assistant

Mrs Wilcox - teaching assistant

Mrs Ozcan - teaching assistant

Mrs Cooke - welfare assistant

Mrs Keeling - volunteer


Africa Maps

Africa Maps 1
Africa Maps 2
Africa Maps 3
Africa Maps 4
Africa Maps 5

Topics covered in Year 2

Autumn Term

What should I do to stay healthy?

Who played an important part in the Great Fire of London?


Spring Term

Are Owls ever afraid of the dark?

Where would you prefer to live England or Africa?


Summer Term

Why do we like to be by the seaside?


Junior Chef!

Junior Chef! 1
Junior Chef! 2
Junior Chef! 3

Year 2 Expectations

Parental Involvement


Parents are invited to come in and share a book with their child on a Tuesday and Thursday morning between 8.50 and 9.10. The aim of these sessions is to encourage children to develop a love of reading. Sharing a story with a parent and friend helps him / her to engage with books.

On occasion parents / grandparents will be invited in e.g. to look at topic work, to watch a PE display, class assembly, to help with sewing etc.


P.E Days


PE days are subject to change so we would be grateful if PE bags are in school every day of the week. PE kits will be sent home for washing at the end of every half term or if we feel that they need a wash.




Children will be given homework on Tuesday and Friday evenings. The homework given on a Tuesday is expected to be returned to school by Friday and the homework set on Friday should be returned on Wednesday at the latest. This is to enable the homework to be marked before the next activity is set.


Tuesday homework is usually maths and Fridays is usually spelling but this may vary from time to time. The children are given both a spelling and homework book to do their work in.

Spelling homework generally consists of learning a list of spellings and also writing each spelling in a sentence.


We like the children to do the homework as independently as possible but parental input is greatly appreciated e.g. discussing ideas for the sentences, encouraging children to have a go at easy spellings and helping with harder ones. Any comments about how your child got on with their homework are appreciated as these help us to plan for children’s needs. Your child may find some of the homework challenging but we ask that you work with them and comment on this.


It is expected that children will read at home every night and that parents will make a comment in the reading comment books. We value your comments as children sometimes read differently when they are at home in a one to one situation.

Heritage Fire Museum Trip

Heritage Fire Museum Trip 1
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 2
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 3
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 4
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 5
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 6
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 7
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 8
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 9
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 10
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 11
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 12
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 13
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 14
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 15
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 16
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 17
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 18
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 19
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 20
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 21
Heritage Fire Museum Trip 22

Working in 2D

Working in 2D 1
Working in 2D 2
Working in 2D 3
Working in 2D 4
Working in 2D 5
Working in 2D 6
Working in 2D 7
Working in 2D 8
Working in 2D 9
Working in 2D 10
Working in 2D 11

Ryan Ledson Visit

Ryan Ledson Visit 1
Ryan Ledson Visit 2
Ryan Ledson Visit 3
Ryan Ledson Visit 4
Ryan Ledson Visit 5

Junior Chef

Junior Chef 1
Junior Chef 2
Junior Chef 3
Junior Chef 4
Junior Chef 5
Junior Chef 6
Junior Chef 7
Junior Chef 8
Junior Chef 9
Junior Chef 10
Junior Chef 11
Junior Chef 12
Junior Chef 13
Junior Chef 14
Junior Chef 15
Junior Chef 16
Junior Chef 17
Junior Chef 18
Junior Chef 19
Junior Chef 20
Junior Chef 21
Junior Chef 22
Junior Chef 23
Junior Chef 24
Junior Chef 25
Junior Chef 26
Junior Chef 27
Junior Chef 28
Junior Chef 29
Junior Chef 30
Junior Chef 31
Junior Chef 32
Junior Chef 33
Junior Chef 34
Junior Chef 35
Junior Chef 36
Junior Chef 37
Junior Chef 38
Junior Chef 39
Junior Chef 40
Junior Chef 41
Junior Chef 42
Junior Chef 43
Junior Chef 44
Junior Chef 45
Junior Chef 46
Junior Chef 47
Junior Chef 48
Junior Chef 49
Junior Chef 50
Junior Chef 51
Junior Chef 52
Junior Chef 53
Junior Chef 54
Junior Chef 55
Junior Chef 56
Junior Chef 57
Junior Chef 58
Junior Chef 59
Junior Chef 60
Junior Chef 61
Junior Chef 62
Junior Chef 63
Junior Chef 64
Junior Chef 65
Junior Chef 66
Junior Chef 67
Junior Chef 68
Junior Chef 69
Junior Chef 70
Junior Chef 71
Junior Chef 72
Junior Chef 73
Junior Chef 74
Junior Chef 75
Junior Chef 76
Junior Chef 77
Junior Chef 78
Junior Chef 79
Junior Chef 80
Junior Chef 81
Junior Chef 82
Junior Chef 83
Junior Chef 84
Junior Chef 85
Junior Chef 86
Junior Chef 87
Junior Chef 88
Junior Chef 89
Junior Chef 90
Junior Chef 91

Ryan Ledson visits Year 2

Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 1
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 2
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 3
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 4
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 5
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 6
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 7
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 8
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 9
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 10
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 11
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 12
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 13
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 14
Ryan Ledson visits Year 2 15