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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


We look forward to teaching your children this year. We have got some interesting topics planned for them and exciting trips to go on.

We hope that your children will have a safe and happy time in Y1!


Staff working Year 1


Miss Hoare – teacher

Mrs McGowan - teacher

Mr Hutchinson - teacher

Mrs Johnstone- teaching assistant

Mrs Swanepoel – teaching assistant

Mrs Parry - welfare assistant

Mrs Sutton - welfare assistant


Topics covered in Year 1

Autumn Term

How am I different to a tiger?

Why wouldn't my grandparent have played with an Ipad?


Spring Term

Did knights have the best job ever?

What can't Meercats live in the North Pole?


Summer Term

Do plants need to be outside to grow?

Is it always good to be famous?


New Curriculum Expectations



Autumn Term

Blackpool Zoo


Spring Term

Castle Visit

Acorn Farm



Home work will begin after Christmas in the spring term.

Children will be given spellings on a Monday or Tuesday to be learnt for the following Monday or Tuesday. Children will be given a piece of homework to complete over the weekend. In the holidays the children might be asked to produce a piece of creative homework that links to our topic in class.

Children in Need

1H Spring Photos

Year 1 Castle Trip


1H Models

1H Classroom

Our first week in Year 1