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Dear Children and Parents

I hope you are all well and staying safe. With the lovely weather we have had during the lockdown I know you are getting to play out each day and it has been so nice to see families getting exercise together in the area.


The children in school are doing lots of activities and have sent some of their art work to Bechers Court residents and also to the staff and patients at Aintree Hospital. We hope this cheers up the residents, staff and patients who can no longer receive visitors. We received a thank you from the staff and patients at Aintree Hospital.


Remember to go outside at 8.00 p.m tonight to show your appreciation for the NHS and other key workers. I live in the countryside but it is still noisy with people using their car horns, fireworks and anything else to join in.


On Sunday we are expecting to hear what the government is hoping to do to try to reduce some of the lockdown measures and get people back to work safely. Sefton is holding regular meetings with Headteachers to make sure that when children do return to school all children, staff and parents will remain safe.

School is a very strange place at the moment with so few children and staff in each day but I think even when children start to return to school it will be very different from when you were all last together in early March.


All schools are different and ours is a large school so plans that work for one school may not suit every school. Parents, please be reassured that once we know what the government is planning, then we will work very hard to put in place a plan that we feel is safe for the children, staff and parents of Aintree Davenhill.


Friday is a Bank Holiday and many VE Day celebrations had been planned for this day. Unfortunately, as with so many other things that were planned around the world, VE Day may have to be celebrated differently. It was nice to hear about the activities that some of the children had been doing this week to help them understand the importance of this day.


I hope you all have a nice Bank Holiday Weekend and that we may have some positive news for you in the next week or so.

Keep washing those hands to stay safe and well.


Mrs Kelley