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Safer Internet Week 7th-11th February 2022

As you know, this week was Safer Internet Week and the theme was ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’. From gaming and chat, to streaming and video, young people are shaping the interactive entertainment spaces they are a part of. In order to ensure that our children can participate and use the internet safely and responsibly in an ever more connected world, they have taken part in a number of different activities throughout the week.


In EYFS and Key Stage 1, the children have been thinking about the different relationships that they have in their lives, and the degree of trust that might be placed in each relationship. They have also thought about what personal information is (whether it should be shared and how) and who they can talk to if they ever need any help.


In Key Stage 2, the children have been looking at how to behave responsibly and respectfully online. There have been lots of discussions about how the children use the internet appropriately and what that may look like when gaming. They have explored different apps and they can use these safely. The children have explored different scenarios using the safer internet short films and what they would do in these situations, and have taken a quiz to check their knowledge of how to stay safe.


The children across the school have engaged well with this week's activities and we are pleased with their knowledge about how to stay safe when accessing devices both in school and at home. Please see our Facebook and ClassDojo pages for more information.