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Returning to School Letter

Dear Parent


I am sure you are aware that the government are looking to safely return some children to primary school from the 1st June at the earliest. The year groups that will be considered first will be Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6 plus the group of key worker/vulnerable children who have attended during lockdown.


Being a large school this means us working out how to return around 250 children initially, whilst ensuring that social distancing measures and cleaning regimes will keep both children, parents and staff safe and well.


The school leadership team spent some considerable time working on this last week using Department for Education guidelines. Sefton headteachers held numerous meetings with Sefton Education Authority officers and we had pooled ideas as to how this might work. Unfortunately, new guidance was published on Thursday which meant most of the workable plans we had drawn up could not be used.


The plan is for children to work in groups of no more than 15 with a teacher and teaching assistant, if necessary. This will mean that at least half of the children in each class will be taught by a different teacher and not in their own classroom.


The guidance states that groups of children must not mix together or come into contact with other groups. As a result we will need to stagger drop-off and pick up times, breaks, lunchtimes etc. Effectively your child will be taught in a small ‘bubble’ with the same staff each day.


With so many conflicting opinions we recognise that returning your child to school will be a big decision, having worked hard to keep them safe and well during the lengthy lockdown period. We fully respect parents’ decisions on this matter.

Later this week we hope to reassure you by sending details of the safety measures we are putting in place and our plans for returning children in these year groups to school.


It would help us greatly if you could let us know whether you intend to send your child/children back to school.

If you could do this through Class Dojo or by email to


Whilst eligible children are strongly encouraged to return to school, no families will be fined for non-attendance during this period, and schools will not be held to account for attendance levels.


Yours sincerely



G. A. Kelley - Headteacher