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Newsletter: 10-07-20

Dear Parents


As I am sure you are aware, the government is keen for all children to return to school in September. We have been studying the guidance for the full re-opening of schools and working with Sefton and local schools to ensure that we implement safe procedures.


Even though our plans for September will be in place, we are conscious that adaptations may need to be made due to the status of COVID 19 in the community. If things are looking positive, we will be able to make further moves back to normality.


As with our partial re-opening, this has taken a lot of planning but we will be able to finalise our plans and share them with you early next week. Teachers will post the information about your child’s new class on Class Dojo on Monday 13th July.


Essentially the children will be in class ‘bubbles’ with their teacher and teaching assistant. They may have teaching input from additional adults at times as this is permitted. The adults in school will be expected to social distance from each other and, where possible, from the children.


Because of the size of the school, the various ‘bubbles’ will have staggered start and finish times. In addition, they will have staggered breaks and lunch sessions and designated outdoor areas to play, in their ‘bubble’.


Our dining room is particularly problematic as we would struggle to clean adequately between sittings. In September the children will have their lunch in the classroom which will mean us providing packed lunches for Reception, KS1 and any children entitled to free school meals. KS2 children will need to bring a packed lunch.


Hopefully we will be able to re-assess the situation in the first half of the autumn term and consider providing a hot meal to some of the younger children on a rota basis.


We will not be running a Breakfast Club at the start of the term but in September we will look for ways to cater for a much smaller group of families than would normally attend. This may be for the older children and their siblings, in the first instance.


Extra-curricular clubs will not take place until much later in the term although we may consider offering a club to a particular bubble.


Until the end of term, we are running a one-way system for drop off and pick up. However, with much larger numbers returning in September, we will need to use our three entrance gates to prevent congestion. The Eton Drive access path is particularly narrow so we will use that as an entrance point only – exiting via the field gates. We are hoping that with staggered start and finish times and good social distancing, our families can enter/exit safely.


With the current staggered starts, could we ask that you drop your child/children off and leave the premises. Some families have remained on site with little ones playing outside classrooms whilst we are teaching.


A number of teachers have commented on the good job that parents have done in home educating their children. Some children have returned to us more confident and quite secure in some subject areas.


We acknowledge that this has been a hard time for some families but can see where many children have thrived.


Contact Details

Could you please ensure that we have your most up to date contact details in the event that we have to contact you, email and phone contacts.


Can you please also ensure that school is aware of any changes to your child’s medical conditions.



Even with our much smaller numbers, currently parking on Aintree Lane is a real concern. Please try to park sensibly and with the safety of other road users, pedestrians and our families in mind.


Food Bank

The Hope Centre Foodbank have been in touch with us to say that they have very good supplies of food, as people are still donating. However they have seen a drop in the number of families visiting the Foodbank in recent weeks. They are also able to offer financial advice and assistance to families who are struggling. Any families who could make good use of the Foodbank, particularly over the summer holidays, can visit the Foodbank which opens each Friday.


School Uniform

As we hope to return to some normality in September, we would expect children to be wearing school uniform.


We will be asking children to bring as little as possible to and from school in September so please do not purchase large school bags for your child.



Mrs Kelley