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Dear Children and Parents


How are you all managing in week 2 of the lockdown? I hope you were all out last night clapping for the NHS and other key workers, which includes your teachers and many of your parents.

I live in the countryside but when I went outside I could hear car horns, boat horns and people clapping and cheering. Well done if you joined in!


Your teachers have been delighted with the work you have been doing and are still enjoying seeing what you are getting up to. We have a very small number of children in school but the staff are making sure that they are having a great time. Imagine having a school our size for only 12 children to use!


Did you see the children last week singing Spring Chicken with Miss Clay and Mrs McGowan? Gosh this will be the first Easter in many years that we haven’t had over 400 children singing Spring Chicken. Why don’t you play it back, check that you know the words and then Facetime you singing it for your Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles. Put your efforts on Class Dojo for us all to see.


Also I really like the Baked Potato song by Matt Lucas – perhaps you could also learn that one and show us your own versions of it on Class Dojo. Prize when we get back for every version.


Well very strangely it is the start of the Easter Holidays and many of us would have been setting off on our Easter holidays. It will be a very different Easter this year but thankfully I’m sure the Easter Bunny will still be working hard. Hope you enjoy an Easter Egg hunt and get plenty of chocolate. During the next two weeks, your teachers won’t be posting work for you on Class Dojo. This will give you and your families a chance to change your routines for a little while. Teachers will return to posting work for you to complete on Monday 20th April.


I hope you are still doing your best to stay safe particularly with your handwashing routines.


Parents, if you are struggling with anything that you think school can help with, please get in touch. Miss Clay, Mrs Williams or myself are in most days or you can email your concerns to


Mrs Kelley




E-Safety Section

Right now and over the coming weeks we must stay at home in order to save lives. It is a time when we will all be making use of a whole range of online technology in order to stay connected. We live in an ever changing world of online apps and games and it is important that you know what to look out for to keep your children safe online. Below are some links to resources you can use with your children at home and some guides and tips to support you in ensuring that your child is working safely online.








Sefton Council has also created a page on its website with information on a wide range of virtual school support, covering children under 5; literacy; phonics; maths; keeping fit and healthy, and more besides.




Our school nurse Ruth Swanson has shared this useful link for parents. If you need to contact Ruth please telephone or email the school office and we'll get a message to her.




Free School Meals

You may have heard about the government’s announcement for National Free School Meal vouchers during school closures. These vouchers are available to pupils eligible for means tested free school meals and not the universal free schools meals all infant children receive.

Currently, we are providing weekly food parcels to our eligible pupils. The National Free School Meal voucher scheme does not run over school holidays so we will continue with our food parcels until after Easter, then we may switch to the voucher scheme.

If your circumstances have changed and you feel you may now be eligible for means tested free school meals, please contact your local authority who will assess your circumstances then notify the school if you are eligible. Links to your local authority can be found on our school website




Pastor Lee Jennings has informed us that the Hope Centre Foodbank is still open each Friday. You can access it by making an appointment through . They are no longer accepting food donations from the general public but are currently well stocked thanks to local retailers. Huge thank you to Lee and his team for their continued support for our community.



September Nursery Starters

Families can still return their nursery place acceptance forms and session preferences to the school office by post or email.