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Dear Parents


Our first week with more children back in school has gone very well. The children seem delighted to be back and are quickly adapting to the safety measures in place.


Teachers have worked hard to try to get the children back into a work mode and whilst some children have relished this, most seem to be flagging as the day goes on. The lovely weather is a help when we want the children to be outdoors but has, no doubt, added to the fatigue part way through the day.


Whilst the lockdown measures are easing, we want to re-assure you that we will be maintaining the same safety measures in school for the well-being of our large community.


With the advice being ‘two metres if you can’ and ‘one metre plus-with additional safety measures’, we intend to retain the two metres social distancing.

We are not using masks, gloves, perspex screens in school so two metres in and around school gives everyone that added protection.


Can I thank parents for using our one way system and again ask that you continue to use the 2 metre no-go zones outside each classroom. If you need to speak confidentially to the class teacher please do so through Class Dojo or the school office.

Please make every effort to arrive on time to your child’s class as we are aiming to keep traffic around school to a minimum. 


We are hoping that all children will be able to return to school in September and are awaiting government guidance as to how this can safely happen, particularly as COVID 19 may still be a concern.


Hopefully we will have clear guidelines for you all well before the summer holidays, so that you can be re-assured about your child’s safe return to school.

We are also expecting further details regarding the governments funding of catch up programmes for 2020-21.


If your child is not in school, please make every effort to engage with the work that teachers are uploading onto Class Dojo.


I think the current good weather is set to change but hopefully we can all still get out for some exercise this weekend. Stay Safe.


Mrs Kelley