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Dear Parent

We have been notified this afternoon that Sefton have decided to postpone the wider reopening of schools (Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6) until week beginning 22 June 2020.

We will send out our reopening plans to you shortly with all the information you will need.

Best regards

Mrs Kelley

Reopening Information - Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


Since the Government announced that children could start returning to school from 1st June, at the earliest, we have been making plans for welcoming some children back. We have been led by Government, Sefton Local Authority, Unions and headteachers’ groups throughout the period of school closure and in working towards re-opening.


As we informed you before the half-term break, taking everything into account, Sefton made the decision to postpone the re-opening of schools to 15th June at the earliest. Sefton Headteachers welcomed the additional time this would give us to ensure that risk assessments and safety procedures were in place before children returned to school.


Aintree Davenhill Primary School


Plan for returning to school from 15th June 2020


In order to be in a position to open school to children from Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6, plus the Key Worker/Vulnerable group, we have made the provisions set out in this document. In all considerations, our priority is the health and safety of our community.

This will be a partial re-opening and phased approach based on guidance from the UK Government published on 11th and 14th May 2020.


Guiding principles:

  1. To prioritise the health and safety of children, staff and parents;

  2. To minimise the risk of any transmission and infection;

  3. To provide a good education for the children returning to school.



The following children will be permitted, though not obliged, to attend school on the following dates:

From 1st June

  • Children of key workers;

  • Children classed as vulnerable;

From 15th June – Key worker children/vulnerable group

Tuesday 16th June children in Y1

Thursday 18th June children in Reception

Monday 22nd June children in Y6

Tuesday 23rd June children in Nursery on part-time basis


We ask that parents inform school as soon as possible whether they intend to return their child/children to school. If you haven’t already informed us, please let us know your decision by 3.00 p.m on Wednesday 3rd June by either Class Dojo, email or phone. Due to staffing restrictions, if we do not hear from you, your child will not be included in any class groupings.

If at any time the number of children in school is not considered safely manageable, in line with government guidance, then the school may not be able to cater for the Y6 children or may need to introduce a part-time model.


In order to safely accommodate children across the school, the following provisions will be made:

  • Staggered start and end to the day for children and staff to prevent congestion. We will be aware of siblings needing to arrive and leave at the same time and make provision for this. School will finish at lunchtime each Friday, for all children, to allow for deep cleaning during Friday afternoon;

  • School will operate a one-way system for families bringing children to school. Entry will be from the main children’s gate on Aintree Lane (only) and families will drop off at their designated door before continuing on out through the field gates on Aintree Lane. We ask that all children are brought to school and collected by one adult only, at their designated time. Parents are asked to social distance at 2 metres, at all times, from other families and from staff. Please do not remain in or around the school after dropping off or collecting children as other families will be expected. Map above;

  • All staff will be expected to social distance from each other and where feasible from the children. Please be reassured that your child will be well looked after if they need comfort or adult attention;

  • Please make any communication to staff by phone (through the school office), email or Class Dojo;

  • Children will effectively be taught in a small ‘bubble’ of up to 15 children. They will remain with the same group of children and with two members of staff for the day. Whilst it will only be possible for half the group to be with their own teacher/teaching assistant, please be re-assured that the work and activities will be planned by their class teacher. The groupings will be carefully considered, where possible allowing the most confident children to work with another familiar member of staff;

  • Staff will arrange their classrooms to maximise social distancing, with each child having their own desk and equipment (in my experience children always like re-arranged classrooms). Obviously this is harder and less suitable with very young children but Early Years teachers will have carefully thought out activities for the children throughout the day;

  • These groups of children will remain together in designated areas of the playgrounds/fields during playtime and lunchtime. We are so lucky with space that, weather permitting, they will have plenty of room to play.

  • As before school closure, hand-washing regimes will be rigid between activities with staff also taking responsibility for cleaning surfaces, handles, taps and equipment throughout the day.

  • Moving around school will only be with adult supervision, apart from when children need to use the toilet. The additional adult in the classroom will be able to supervise trips to the toilet. Whilst children are always encouraged to wash their hands after using the toilet, they will also use hand sanitiser or hand-wash on returning to class;

  • 45 minute lunch periods will be staggered to ease use of outdoor areas by the different groups. A grab bag (packed lunch) will be available for all Reception and Y1 children. Please let us know, in advance, if you prefer your child to have their own packed lunch.


To prevent money changing hands, we will ask the Y6 children to bring their own packed lunch. If your Y6 child is entitled to a free school meal they will be provided with a grab bag from the canteen. Surplus lunches will be available if your child forgets their packed lunch. The children will have their lunch in the classroom or outside if the weather is fine. They will still be supervised by the same teacher or teaching assistant and lunchtime supervisors will also be available to assist;

  • To prevent families having to worry about uniforms, at this late stage of the year, we will ask the children to wear suitable playwear and trainers. This allows them to go as they are to any sports activities without the need for changing. Velcro fastenings on trainers rather than laces for the younger children please.

  • If your child is feeling unwell please do not bring them into school. Any child showing symptoms will be cared for by a member of staff until the parent collects them. We ask that you ensure that someone will be available to do this at short notice. The advice remains that if a child is displaying symptoms they should isolate for 7 days and the family for 14 days. We would expect you to have your child tested for COVID 19. A negative test would mean they can safely return to school and a positive test will enable us to inform the group your child has been working in.

  • We have been advised that we need minimal PPE to be used in the event of a child falling ill or needing close contact for changing. Public Health England have provided risk assessment flow charts for schools to use. Risk assessments will be made for any children with specific needs. If your child has received a ‘shielding letter’, we would not expect them to return to school.


Once we have had your response, parents whose children will be returning to school, will receive more specific details.


Children not returning to school will continue to be provided with work to be completed with home support. Please note that all available staff will be in school, so contact via Class Dojo may be less than you have been used to.


We look forward to welcoming some of our children back to school. Please be reassured that our priority at all times will be the health and safety of pupils, staff and parents.


Yours sincerely


G. A. Kelley


Dear Parents


As many of you will be aware, school has spent the last two weeks preparing for a safe way to start returning to school from 1st June at the earliest. However Sefton Council, yesterday, sent out letters explaining why they felt we should delay our return to school to the 15th June.


Whilst many of you are keen to see your children return to school, most of you also have concerns as to whether it will be safe to do so. Those mixed feelings are shared by all those working to return children to school. 


Please read the letter above from Sefton Council and be assured that we intend to continue preparing to return from 15th June, if advised to do so.


Kind regards

G. A. Kelley


Dear Parent

Thank you for your kindness and considerate behaviour in these very difficult times.

You will no doubt be aware the government have decided to close schools from tomorrow, Friday 20th March.  As the government have outlined, schools will do their best to provide a daily service for children of key workers which may include those working in NHS essential services, police, fire and ambulance services, and those working in a social care setting looking after vulnerable and elderly people.  The expectation is that if there is an adult in the household who is not on the key worker list, childcare would be provided at home

The government guidance has already identified children in a vulnerable category. If you consider your child to be in this category and think your child would need the continuing support of school please inform us.

Due to a number of staff already having to self-isolate additional services outside of school hours would not be possible such as breakfast club and afterschool clubs.

In order to ascertain the number of people within the school community who are working within these categories please could you email the school with the information , or return the slip below by 9am on Friday 20th March.

Due to the uncertainty of the current climate this service will be reviewed on a daily basis.  We have a duty of care to both pupils and staff. The expectation is that school will close for all children apart from those in vulnerable categories and those of key workers. Once we have been able to confirm the sessions we have to offer, we will contact the eligible families.

Only families who have a confirmed place will be admitted to school. Obviously any children who have been self-isolating must complete the 14 days before taking advantage of these school sessions.

Yours sincerely

Mrs G.A. Kelley


Name of Parent/Carer _______________________________________

Name of Child       _____________________________________________  Class ___________

Reason for needing school service _______________________________________________

Role as Key worker if applicable _________________________________________________

Employer’s name and contact details _____________________________________________


Days/Session required (please circle)

Mon am   Mon pm   Tue am    Tue pm   Wed am   Wed pm   Thurs am   Thurs pm   Fri am   Fri pm


Parents’ Evening Cancelled

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we have decided to cancel this week’s Parents’ Evening in the interest of the health and safety of all those concerned.

School will now remain open on Thursday 12 March until 3:20pm as usual.

Please see letter below for further details.