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Foundation 2

Welcome to Foundation 2 


We are the Foundation 2 children and are 4 and 5 years old.  We are very lucky to have a fantastic classroom and outdoor area to work in.  Our sheltered area means we can learn outside whatever the weather!  We work very closely with our friends in F1.




Staff working in our class


Miss Morris- Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs Hoare- teacher

Mrs Dodd- F2H nursery nurse

Mrs Johnstone- F2M nursery nurse

Mrs Wilcox- F2 teaching assistant

Mrs Godden- F2 teaching assistant

Mrs Ozcan- F2 teaching assistant

Miss McNichollas- art teacher (Tuesday mornings)

Mr Unwin- PE teacher (Tuesday mornings)

Rachel- Gardening teacher (Tuesday mornings)

Topics we cover in F2


Autumn Term

People who are special including Me!




Spring Term

Under the sea

Growing and Minibeasts



Summer Term


Space and Journeys



Autumn Term

Visit from Fire Brigade and Police

Acorn Farm to see Father Christmas


Spring Term

Liverpool World Museum


Summer Term

Knowsley Safari Park

Nurse Visit

P.E Days


PE lessons for both classes are on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school.

Parental Involvement

The journey through the EYFS encourages a strong partnership between home and school and this helps your child to flourish.  Our priority is that your child has a happy start to their school life and enjoy each day they spend with us, having you involved is key to this. 


F2 Positive Relationships Post-Box  

We value and encourage your involvement with the children’s education in school.  Therefore, please feel free to post us any comments, suggestions or ideas anonymously or with your name attached relating to F2 or the wider school.  The post-box is black and clearly labelled and is located next to the notice board in the F2 outdoor area.  Any information you provide will help us to be more aware of how we can best support you as parents and therefore your children whilst they are in our care. 


Special Stars

We would like to introduce our EYFS Special Stars to you.  Special Stars are for you to fill out and send in to school when your child achieves something special at home.  They are for those wow moments, moments that make you feel very proud and for special milestones.  If your child brings a completed Special Star into school it will be celebrated with their class and added to their Learning Journey. Special Stars will be available for you to collect and take home next week. Please take one to keep at home and send in when appropriate this may be in a day, week, or even months time. When you require additional stars please collect them from the sheltered area to take home.


F2 Parent Pop-Ins 

Throughout the year we regularly open up the F2 setting to you and your child for 5-10 minutes at the end of school.  During this time, if you wish, you may spend time looking around the setting with your child.  We feel these sessions will provide you with an opportunity to find out about, and see first hand, what your child has been doing in school.  We hope that this helps you to understand what your child is talking about at home and enable you to ask them further questions about their time at school and build upon their learning.

If the setting is open for a ‘Pop-In’ we will hang a sign outside the door to invite you in.  Please do not feel it is compulsory to attend each ‘Pop-In’ it is entirely up to you and your child if you would like to take advantage of this time.  The sessions will be on various nights and will happen on a regular basis.


Shared Storytime in Foundation 2  

Each half term we would hold a shared storytime.  This is an opportunity for parents and carers to spend 15 minutes at the start or end of the school day with their child in the classroom listening to a story being shared with the class.  We kindly ask that only one adult attend either session for each child due to limited space.  Our apologies but unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pushchairs and small children in these sessions due to space and health and safety issues. 


Numbertime Workshop

The ‘Numbertime’ workshop is an opportunity for you to see the approach we take to teaching Maths in the EYFS and will allow you to further support your child with this at home.  The session is practical and includes  a number of different fun activities for you and your child to share that develop a wide range of skills linked to number, calculation, shape, space and measure. 


Booktime Worskhop  

The ‘Booktime’ workshop is an opportunity for you to see the approach we take to reading and will allow you to further support your child with this at home.  The workshop consists of two parts.  The first is a ‘Presentation’ in the Meeting Room for you to find out about our approach to teaching Literacy skills and how you can support your child at home.  The second session is a practical session in the classrooms. It includes a number of different fun activities for you and your child to share that develop a wide range of skills linked to reading. 



Topic Webs

These provide you with information about what your child is learning in school so that you may support this at home.  



Reading books is an essential and integral part of our lives.  Even when there are no words in the books it encourages and nurtures a child to look at books in a vibrant and positive way.  Please take some time to sit with your child each night and share stories with them showing them the wonderful pictures that will encourage them to investigate books in the future.  Giving your child the love for reading is incredibly important in their foundation years at school.  Our home reading and library books will be changed weekly and please make sure that you write in the Reading Record book so we know you have spent some time looking at the book with your child. 


Letters and Sounds Bookmarks

These provide you with information about what your child has been learning in school in their phonics sessions so that you may reinforce the learning at home.

Summer Term


Our First Day in F2M

Nurse Visit

Police Visit