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Monday 20th - Friday 24th June Theme Week ‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’

Monday 20th - Friday 24th June

Theme Week

‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’

Last week, as a celebration of a year working on a financial literacy project with pfeg, we held our theme week ‘The Best Things in Life are Free’. We hope that last weeks events along with all our financial education work throughout the year enables us to become a Centre of Excellence in Financial Education, one of only 100 schools in the country to have this accreditation.

The children have had an amazing week and whilst they are aware that most fun things have a cost of some sort, they have enjoyed a range of activities that cost very little.


It was fantastic to see all the children from Year 1-6 skipping on Wednesday, in support of the British Heart Foundation's 'Jump for Rope' event. By the end of the day, we had many tired adults who had forgotten what good exercise skipping is! Many of the children mastered new skills and we're hoping the sessions will encourage more children to use the skipping ropes at playtime and lunchtime. Thank you very much for all your generous donations - we raised a fantastic £363.12 which will be put to good use by the British Heart Foundation.


On Wednesday our ‘Party in the Park’ which on such a warm, sunny evening was a huge success. Children and adults alike clearly  enjoyed relaxing, playing and being entertained by our two choirs, two dance groups and the Merseyside Police Band. Huge thanks to Mrs Blakely, Miss Stones, Mrs McGowan, Mrs Ward, Miss Murray and Miss Godfrey who worked so hard with the choirs and dance groups.

Parents were delighted with our surprise flash mob which the children and staff have been practicing for a couple of weeks – taught by Mrs Ward.

Huge thanks also to all the staff who helped with the setting up and stayed to ensure it’s success. Finally a big thanks to Geoff Bentley who set up all the technical equipment and did well to keep the evening running smoothly.


During theme week the Nursery children had great fun at our pool party. The morning Nursery children enjoyed going to the park with 5B and having their faces painted. The afternoon Nursery enjoyed a visit from the fire engine, and 5E came to visit us in Nursery. The fire engine is coming back soon to see the morning Nursery children.                   

During theme week Reception turned their outdoor area into a cafe for year 4. The reception boys and girls became waiters and waitresses for the afternoon and served their year 4 buddy class. They were in charge of taking each customer's order and then fetching the right food and drink for them. On the menus (that the reception children had written themselves) there were cakes, biscuits, squash and water. There was no charge for visiting our cafe as 'the best things in life are free!'


 For homework Year 1 children wrote a list of things they can do for free. They came up with lots of ideas such as exercise, spending time with family and friends and going to the beach, park and museum. The children then drew themselves doing something that doesn't cost anything. Year 1 also discussed how we get money, for example from jobs, the government, the lottery etc. We discussed which jobs earn the most/least and whether it was fair that some jobs get paid more than others and the children talked about what job they would like and why.

Year 2 spent time last week doing money maths relating to their class bank. They worked out how much they had saved and on Friday we opened our special class bank shop and the children had to decide whether to spend, save or donate the money they have been saving throughout the year. The children decided what they wanted to buy and how they could make that amount with different coins. On Thursday they visited the canal and enjoyed our outdoor environment.

Year 3 have enjoyed their chocolate project last week! The children have designed their very own unique chocolate bar, packaging and advert. The children will be recording their advert this week. The groups will then be pitching their chocolate bar to the dragons (Mrs Kelley and Mrs Williams) hoping for them to invest! We have also been looking at ancient Maya jewellery and made necklaces from recycled magazines.

Year 4 have been very busy . They created their own beautiful painted planters after working out costs and comparing these to ready-made planters in Maths. They have also been learning about differences between "cost" and "value" and what "value for money" really means. In Computing, they have made presentations about how to produce your own planters too. The fantastically  illustrated book "One Hen" has been used to  explore themes of investing and growth when a young African boy has a bright idea about how to spend the village savings. In between, they raised money for charity by skipping, enjoyed a bike ride and then finished the week with a colour run in the style of the Indian festival of Holi. This week they've really realised "the best things in life are free!"

Year 5 have spent a couple of afternoons working collaboratively on our Virgin Money make £5 grow project for our special event near the end of term. They have benefitted from working as part of a team and gained an insight into setting up a business. Also we have written some beautiful, descriptive poems entitled 'The Best Things in Life are Free'.  We have also been on a well-being walk to appreciate our local environment and enjoyed a visit to the park with our paired nursery classes. 

Year 6 have been very busy during our theme week. We have looked at foreign  currency and exchange rates around the world; discussed value for money and consumer rights; written poetry about money and calculated annual salaries for different types of employment. Also, we have been planning our own theme park as well as calculating the costs and resulting profits for it.